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About SOA
Knowing SOA
Timeline of Events
Knowing SOA
Located next to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai's bustling financial district of Lujiazui, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium (SOA) is the largest aquarium in Shanghai, and one of the biggest in Asia. A joint investment by Singapore-based Straco Corporation Limited and China's China Poly Group, SOA receives more than 2 million visitors every year and has been accredited as the Base of Science Education by national authorities. In 2008, SOA was the first organizer in China to hold the 7th International Aquarium Congress.
Spanning 20,500 square metres, SOA is home to more than 15,000 marine animals comprising of 450 unique species from five continents and four oceans. SOA is divided into nine distinct thematic zones, designed to replicate nine different habitats as closely as possible. The SOA ‘around the world’ underwater journey begins at the Yangtze River in China, before moving on to the amazing flooded forests of the Amazon in South America. Around the corner, find yourselves in the mangroves and billabongs of Australia before meandering through the ancient rivers of Africa. After touring the humid rainforests of Southeast Asia, prepare for a change of weather and brave the icy Antarctic waters, then descend from sandy shores to the mysterious depths of the ocean. Remember to look out for these highlights: the Chinese Sturgeon, Giant Salamander, Electric Eels, Spotted Seals, Weedy Seadragons, Jellyfish, Sand Tiger Sharks and more! Rounding off this amazing underwater world tour, visitors can view the world's first “China Zone”, housing endangered Chinese aquatic animals from the Yangtze River, along with the longest underwater viewing tunnel in the world, where marine animals swim right above visitors’ heads.
Not only a tourist attraction, SOA's mission is to protect and inspire marine conservation, so as to raise public awareness on the challenges of our global environment. The "My Green" campaign was launched to promote marine science education and aquatic life conservation through guided tours and charity events, so as to deliver conservation messages to the general public.
With so much to offer, visit Shanghai Ocean Aquarium for a truly unique and unforgettable underwater adventure!
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No.1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai China Post Code: 200120