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Daily operating hours:
9:00-18:00(Ticket sales and
admission close at 17:30)
Note: Operating hours are extended to 21:00 during the following peak seasons:            Chinese New Year Holiday Chinese National Day Holiday Summer Holidays (July & August ) (Ticket sales and admission during peak season end at 20:30)
Upside-down Catfish
As the common name implies, the Upside-down Catfish usually swims upside down. This unusual behavior is regarded as a feeding strategy. In the wild, it often feeds on the undersides of submerged branches and logs, and swimming upside down makes these areas more accessible.
Splitfin Flashlightfish
The Splitfin Flashlightfish gets its name from its two glowing patches below each eye. The light is caused by bioluminescent bacteria. If starved, the fish slowly loses the ability to emit light.
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