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Note: Operating hours are extended to 21:00 during the following peak seasons:            Chinese New Year Holiday Chinese National Day Holiday Summer Holidays (July & August ) (Ticket sales and admission during peak season end at 20:30)
Shaggy Frogfish
The Shaggy Frogfish live in tropical coastal waters from Indian Ocean and in the center of the Indo-Pacific area. They have a unique stocky appearance and their first dorsal spine is modified and used as a fishing lure. When a prey swims within close reach they can swallow it with a sudden burst of speed.
Slender Sharksucker
In the ocean, the Slender Sharksucker always swim together with sharks, whales and turtles etc. They are known to attach themselves temporarily by the modified dorsal fin used as a sucking disc to various big hosts, such as sharks, to eat parasites and food debris from them.
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